Harry Potter Would Love Flying a Hippogriff in Legend Knight

If you’re talking about the body of a lion, and the head and wings of an eagle, then it can be none other than a griffon; but if you’re talking about the body of a horse, with the head and wings of an eagle then you might not be so sure what it is. In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Harry’s favorite mount, even more than the griffin, is the hippogriff. Legend Knight takes place in a world of swords and magic similar to Harry’s. In this wonderful land you too can experience the wonder of exploring the skies on this majestic creature.


There are many similarities between the world of Legend Knight and Harry Potter’s: powerful magic, dragons, unstoppable weapons, and fantastic creatures, all set in an epic fantasy setting. Notably, they share hippogriffs – adept flyers with powerful wings and legs (and far more sociable than griffons). Hippogriffs are often mentioned in fantasy stories, but always as part of a knights quest, or as a sorcerers pet. Now, besides fulfilling these roles, and giving aid to Harry Potter, they can be found in Legend Knight, as a powerful ally.

Harry Potter’s favorite mount has logged in, if you want to experience this powerful creature, to tame a horse with the head of an eagle, then come and play Legend Knight. Many exciting adventures await you!