Legend Knight: The Cool and Power Equip For you

Best web-based RPG Game Legend Knight: The Cool and Power Equip For you


Introduction to the Legend Knight Equipment System

The Equipment System will be unlocked at Lvl.20.


  1. Click the Equip icon.

2. Open the column and equip your Character and your Heroes with your best equipment to boost their Stats.


  1. Click the Enchant icon to enchant your equipment consuming Gold. Each Enchantment will increase the cooldown for 5 min. Once you reach a limit of 30 min, you won’t be able to keep Enchanting. You can use Balens or Bound Balens to accelerate the cooldown, and VIP4 players will not suffer any cooldowns.




Legend Knight [Upgrade]

  1. Collect the required materials to upgrade your equipment and get a huge Stat boost. The level of the equipment will be inherited after upgrading. (Note: Equipment Upgrading is unlocked at Lvl.40)

Sources of the materials for upgrading: Hero Trial, Wheel of Fortune, Crypt, Exchange Shop


  1. After being Synthesized, your equipment will get a massive Stat boost and their lvl will beinherited. You can synthesize theequipment after upgrading them, but thesynthesizing effect will not be inherited. (You will get better Stats Boost from upgrading the equipment first.) [Equipment Synthesizing is unlocked at Lvl.40]

Legend Knight Sources of the materials for Synthesizing: Hero Trial, Wheel of Fortune, Crypt


Legend Knight Tips:

  1. Collect all the different parts of the same Equipment Set to get an amazing Buff!
  2. Enchanting is a great way to boost your Battle Rating.
  3. Synthesizing will change the appearance of your equipment from purple to yellow. Remember, Synthesizing will consume a lot of materials, which means getting a huge Stats boost too.
  4. The Level of equipments are divided into lvl 20, lvl 40, lvl 60, lvl 80 and lvl 100. Absolutely the higher level equipments are better. And the players can upgrade them with specified materials. There are also a set of Chaos·Infernal equipments which are lvl 30 equipments but stronger than lvl 40 and lvl 60 equipments. If you have a chance to claim them, please cherish this opportunity. They will be the best partner at the early stage of the game.

The Legend Knight Official Website:http://www.legendknight.com/

Sword Saga: Happy Thanksgiving Day Celebrate The Peace

Sword Saga, Best Browser RPG Game , a half real-time RPG, is set in a high-fantasy universe that you can play from your browser. The Heroes, with the help of their mercenary friends, will fight for the peace of their homeland and finally put a stop to the war.

Sword Saga Beautiful and lethal
Don’t let them deceive you, they are the greatest fighters in the world. The game offers you the chance to fight alongside several ladies that may be beautiful, but also lethal. One of them is a proud Queen in a scarlet mechanical armor, that carries a huge magical cannon to destroy her enemies. There is also Lolita, who may seem lovely and sweet, but don’t forget that looks can be deceiving. Another one is Lolita, who’s pure like an angel with her lovely face and tender voice. A charming beauty with a cold and ruthless personality is the legendary Huntress. Your role in the team will be to lead them to crush any enemy that tries to oppose you. Each one of them will add special fighting skills to your team.




Sword Saga Happy Thanksgiving Day

The war between the Empire and the Kingdom is over. When people in Starlan think they can finally have a happy Thanksgiving Day to celebrate the peace, demons that have been sealed in the depths of the earth suddenly appear.TheMercenary League must fight to protect the world. Seems like peace was never an option.


Get Stylish Wings

The history of Starlan will record your victories in the battlefield, but a young soldier with Sheen Wings seems to draw more attention than you. That is a little bit annoying. “Taste my sword, brat!”. After 10 rounds, an announcement appears: Congratulations, SS successfully killed XX, ended in XX five-star kill.

A beautiful item that also provides powerful Stats?This is the most awesome gift you’ll ever have for Thanksgiving.

Gather your allies, the battle begins!

Sword SagaOfficial Website: http://www.swordsaga.com/

Angelet in TitansRise

Why are there so many Angels in the annals? Does any Seraphim Fall? But it doesn’t look like Seraphim and it took two swords by its hands. What is it?


Oh, it’s the Angelet and we are looking the Pet Ranking in TitansRise! What I really want to say is, Angelets must be your best partners in your way of seeking hegemony in TitansRise. It’s rare and full of power. Are you desired to get it? Don’t worry! Just join events from the Event Agent in the City of Light of TitansRise this week! Once you collected enough pieces of Fragments of Angelet, you can bring it to your bag. What a great deal!

If you don’t have enough pieces of Fragments of Angelet, you can get them from The Strongest Gear Pack. It’s on sale in Store only by 15 Diamo! Besides, once you recharge Diamo up to the requirement, you can get various luxurious rewards. At the same time, you can also do consumption to win various excellent packs. It’s alright If you don’t like these as you can get various excellent rewards as long as you log-in the game every day! Are you worried about the entertainment programme in your leisure time? Don’t worry, TitansRise will be your best friend to companion you to spend these lonely days!


You can check all events in “Events” icon, and join them just by clicking “Join Activity” , below the corresponding event name.You can also check all events once you enter the game by searching TitansRise on Facebook or our official website. We have different funny events per week. Don’t be hesitate, just enjoy TitansRise with your friends! TitansRise will be your best choice in leisure time!


TitansRise is an MMORPG game based on Western myths, which presents us the luxuriant effects of magic, using dynamic 2.5D computer graphics. It absolutely brings striking experiences that no one has ever encountered before in the traditional online games.


Titans Rise Official Website: http://www.titansrise.com/


City of Steam: Arkadia


City of Steam,tarayıcı tabanlı, ücretsiz, çevrimiçi bir 3 boyutlu MMORPG oyunu, buhar teknolojisi ve gizemli büyünun bir araya geldiği muazzam fantastik endüstriyel bir evrende yer almaktadır. Saat mekanizmaları, buhar mühendislikleri, yanma reaksiyonları ve havadan hafif flojistonlar,Dünya Makinesindeki İnsan, Elf ve Yeşil Derili’ler oluşan çeşitli ırkların yeni zirvelerini ve derinliklerini zorlamakta.

Armor Edit

There are four types of armor in City of Steam: Arkadia. These types are Plate, leather, Volt and Robe. Each type of armor can only be used by one class.

Weapons Edit

Each class has its own specific weapon types. Warders use Axes and swords. Gunners use guns, Arcanists use Arcane weapons and Channelers use Divine. Formerly, Arcane weapons were noted as wands.

Consumables Edit

There are not many consumables in City of Steam. The main consumable in City of Steam is perhaps the health potion. With them it is possible to solo dungeons and they are almost overpowered.

Collectables Edit

Collectables are items which one can add to collections. There are many collections in the Nexus, and each of them gives a different bonus.

Some view about City of Steam: Arkadia from players:

1、  City of Steam: Arkadia is a steampunk MMORPG with many features and much to explore,just like Sword saga. I like the setting, story and music a lot, and so far I have been able to play without paying for all the reasonably good items like in many other Free2Play games. I think characters should have voices and better personalities though, it feels somewhat blank to just read dialogue text and look at a silent character. Graphics aren’t too great, but they certainly aren’t bad either.

2、I can’t recommend this game basically because I didn’t like MMORPG actually but more disappointing it is when you see so much “recharge” or “p2win” like it is. I must admit that I prefer to pay MMORPG subscription with all than a f2p with p2win.

Good and original in his theme (steampunk world) but 3D very poor, lags and so many p2win and lottery, and recharge, etc.

3、You will be boring in less than 1 hour when you beated the intro at begin .There is also some down points to the game. One massive thing that should not happen in free-to-play games is that you have to pay for in game stuff, with real money. Its called a free-to-play for a reason, I know that the game producers need to make money to pay for the game but this is a huge factor that comes into “city of steam”. If you want to play to try to get to the top of the leaderbord, you need to be really lucky with drops and chests or put your own money into the game. Along with this problem, when you are in the main area you have to put up with the lag that comes with everyone sidekicks and pets just filling the whole of the map. I know that you can fix this problem by tearning off the option to view other players, but I do like to see other people so that I can try to go for new armor and or weapons.

Stallion Race


Stallion Race is a game played through Facebook that allows you to breed, train and most of all race horses.

This is a whole new horse racing game that includes life simulation, strategy and athletics. The most legendary and classic horse racings of the world can be found here. It is about the competition between speed and strength, and the match between wisdom and wealth.

Once you start winning races you get to unlock more and more of your training compound, from a media center where you hold press conferences to the very best training facilities and its own airport your horses will get the very best treatment.
Once you have decided on your ability and what phase you wish to use it in you can then race. Each race is played out in front of you, and you can see your skills in use. The races are run automatically and the positions change a lot during the race. Each race is part of a challenge series, and there are more races the further into the game you go.

As well as winning races there are tasks that you can complete. These tasks reward experience and can have special items and the objects you require to upgrade your items and look after your horses. These tasks vary but completing them gives you a good idea about how to manage the game.
There are 3 currencies in the game coins, credits and vouchers. These are spent on new items, skill scrolls and on feeding and looking after your horses. Coins and credits are awarded from tasks and winning races, credits are only available for purchase for real money from the game, though you start with 150 of them.

The gameplay is really well designed and easy to follow, the central map with all of your buildings is easy to navigate and the tutorial gives you a lot of useful information. Though it can be a little overwhelming at the start as its quite a big tutorial. The races are fun to watch and really nicely animated. When you or your opponents use skills you can see it, and use that information to help you win more races yourself.
Stallion Race has a bit of everything but focuses on the races and making sure your horses have the best equipment and training to win. Overall Stallion Race is very pretty and has some fun gameplay, especially if you like creating tactics and training your horses to race to the best of their ability. With several mini games and really nice features Stallion Race has so much for you to do and is a rewarding and fun game to play.



Sword Saga, a half real time, player-friendly, role-playing game, is set in a high-fantasy universe and played directly from your browser. In this game, the heroes, together with their mercenary friends, fight for the peace of their homeland and finally pull the continent back from the verge of the war. Different from most of the other games, Sword Saga has unlimited skill combinations for players to decide as they wish. Apart from that, the way how a player arranges his troop formation is so important that it sometimes can decide the difference between winning and losing. Behind its most amazing graphics, Sword Saga is waiting for you with plenty of Quests and an intriguing and captivating plot.

A run with the same three classes set up, giving us the choice between Warrior, Magician and Shooter. There are no customisation options, but players can choose between a male and female character feature class.

Review about sword saga :
Developed by R2 Games, Sword Saga is a really enjoyable browser based MMORPG that caters to a both casual and competitive audience. The game has solid visuals, a really enjoyable plot and some high quality gameplay along with really good end-game content like dungeons to play through and a gigantic game world to explore. All in all, it’s an MMORPG well worth anyone’s time.

When you start the game off for the first time you’ll only be able to choose whether your character is a male or a female and then you get to name your character. After this you’re thrust into the game world with NPCs piling quests on to you and all these quests lead to a lot of confusing on what players are supposed to do. Luckily, all these quests are really easy to complete since they’re built to ease players into the game and once you’ve done all these basics quests you’ll be able to choose a class from one of the five available.

The gameplay of Sword Saga is pretty straight forward but enjoyable nonetheless. Moving your character around the world is done through simple pointing and clicking and combat is turn based. The great thing about combat in Sword Saga is that it allows you to take multiple people in a party with you and these people will fight alongside you in combat. Overall, fighting in Sword Saga is really enjoyable as players will have a ton of different spells and abilities under their belt each with a special effect of its own. Some are crowd control while others inflict heavy damage on your opponents, succeeding in combat requires efficient use of your abilities.
Sword Saga is a top notch browser based MMORPG that gets off to a rocky start but shortly after becomes a really addictive and immersive game.

The Hunger Games Adventures


The Hunger Games Adventures is the official adventure game of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the highly anticipated second film of the global blockbuster “The Hunger Games” franchise.

WINNER of two Webby Awards for Best Social Game and Variety Award for Best Entertainment Based Game!

Join Katniss, Peeta, Finnick, Haymitch and Effie in more than 1,000 official story-based quests as you explore the Districts and become the next hero of Panem.


With new stories frequently added, The Hunger Games Adventures is your chance to discover the untold secrets of Panem. Meet Finnick in District 4. Travel with Katniss and Peeta for the Victory Tour. Journey to President Snow’s Mansion. Something is happening in Panem. For the first time there is hope.

“There’s so much content and references to the fiction that it’s a near indispensable companion to the series, one that’ll evolve over time.” – GameTrailers

A Fantasy-themed Online Role-playing Game Wartune


Wartune is a fantasy-themed, massively multiplayer online role-playing game(MMORPG), with spectacular effects. In the new world of Cloud-city, all players gather here to enjoy the wonderful journey of “Sky”.

Here you explore new worlds, learn powerful skills as a knight, archer, or mage, join up with friends to fight enemies, break through catacombs, and fight with each other in the Sylph Atoll, all give you a truly epic experience every time you open your browser. Join the popular web game, draw your arms now!

Wartune reviews:

In Wartune, players take on the role of a hero character, which may be of either gender and one of three different classes. The classes determine which abilities the player will have access to in combat, while gender is largely an aesthetic choice. The artwork is drawn in a rather clichéd fantasy style, with an obvious focus on appealing to male players — the female mage character is clad in little more than a bra, thong, stockings and suspenders, for example. The artwork itself throughout the game is well-drawn — it’s the content that some may find offputting. (As an aside, World of Warcraft developer Blizzard Entertainment may also be somewhat perturbed to note the presence of a race of bull-like creatures known as “Tauren” whose artwork bears an uncanny resemblance to the race of the same name in the popular MMORPG.)

Once into the game, the player is thrown straight into some quests which act as an initial tutorial. Players are introduced to exploring the world and engaging in combat. Exploration unfolds from an isometric perspective, with the player clicking where they would like their character to run to. Clicking on an enemy engages them in combat, which switches to a separate side-view combat screen. Here, the player and enemy characters take it in turns to automatically attack one another until one or the other’s hit points have been depleted, though the player also has the option of using skills they have acquired, which usually have more powerful or special effects than their regular attack. As the player progresses through the game, they will be able to recruit additional troops into their party, who will attack on autopilot.

The game monetizes through two main ways: firstly, the hard currency of Balens may be purchased using Facebook Credits, and may be used to accelerate cooldowns on building timers or purchase premium items from the in-game shop, which does not become available until the player reaches experience level 10. Secondly, there is a “VIP” scheme whereby players may purchase a membership to the game for a variety of additional benefits, including increased rewards for completing quests, regular gift packs and numerous other benefits including the ability to bypass the cooldown timers when building their city.

On the whole, Wartune is actually a pretty good game — it just feels rather “cheap.” Those who can get past the dated aesthetic, weirdly inconsistent music (dramatic orchestral themes one moment, wailing electric guitars the next) and all the sparkly, flashing popups that clutter up the game screen will find a surprisingly satisfying experience underneath. It may not be the most polished game in the world, but in gameplay terms it’s certainly a good degree better than a lot of other rival titles on the social network and has a ton of content for players to explore in the long term, and is thus well worth a look.

Best web-based RPG Game Legend Knight – Crypt

Crypt: Unlocked at level 26

About Crypt

1.Click the Crypt icon


2.Then select among Easy, Normal, Hard and Nightmare of unlocked levels to challenge.


Note: The harder the Crypt you challenge and the more stars you achieve, the more rewards you will receive. You can blitz the Crypt levels that have been cleared manually before. Activate One-month or Half-year Spirit Covenant to cancel the CD after blitz.

The Legend Knight Official Website:http://www.legendknight.com/


Fun and Educational Board Games :Travel Quest


TravelQuest is a picture collecting game around the world. Travel along with Paolo, the carrier pigeon and mascot of the game, to explore new countries. You will be able to get miles (the fuel that you use to travel) thanks to your friends. Many games are organized round the year to win even more photos, miles and seeds.


You will also be able to win photos and release new countries through various quests. Here are some examples of quests: locating monuments, decrypting anagrams or rebus, resolving charades, locating seas, finding the origins of culinary specialties.

This game is both fun and educational as it allows you to revise geography.



Travel Quest owner, Bonnie Lee, started as a home based travel agent but was so frustrated with the poor service she received from multiple host agencies, she decided to start her own.  Travel Quest began in 1998, built upon Bonnie’s vision of what a host agency should be: reliable, honest and friendly.


We take pride in being able to offer personable customer service to all of our agents.  If you call in, you won’t get any automation, you’ll get a live person to help you out.  We also offer email support and our online Agent Forum where agents can network and ask each other questions is always open.



  • Commission plans from 70% to 100%
  • Top commissions with air, cruise and tour suppliers
  • Group cruise space
  • $2 million E&O Insurance
  • Direct Deposit for commissions
  • Platinum Program for top producing agents – sign up fee waived


  • Virtual and physical TQ Meet Ups around the country
  • Live webinar training calendar
  • Ever growing library of recorded trainings
  • In-person TQ and supplier trainings
  • Exclusive TQ fams


  • Social Media Content Program full of content to push to your clients
  • Travel Leaders’ Marketing Program with beautiful pre-made fliers, emails and more


  • Easy to use Drag n’ Drop website with auto-updated specials, preloaded content and booking engine
  • Remote Desktop Connection w/ClientBase for Windows that can be accessed from anywhere
  • On-demand reporting
  • Online Agent Forum for agents to network and learn from each other
  • Agent Resource Center to keep agents on top of the latest incentives, specials, travel news and more
  • Track commissions in real-time online 24/7