DDTank2VIP system fully upgraded

DDTank2 testing service opens new play and rich new content to bring players a new experience. In addition to strengthening and adjust card terms, VIP also has a new upgrade system, the main game interface has been added a new VIP icon status symbol, exclusive VIP distinguished honor, the new system will open up more VIP privileges for VIP privileges allow new VIP players to grow faster, the game more fun.

1. Add multiple VIP privileges:

DDTank2 VIP biggest adjustment system that adds a lot of privileges: If the upper bound coupons increased combat experience bonus, strengthening experience bonus, increasing a number of key tasks, task-star award upgrade, free open VIP coins, a copy flop discount, angel magic can opener acceleration, the battle was lost not withhold contributions, weekly VIP packs, open BOSS war, pet fifth skill grid, free planting aides, on-line bulletin region, free Mayne Rand blessing other benefits.

2.VIP grow more reasonable

In addition to the new privileges, VIP has also changed the way to grow. Bouncing Church at 2 per consumer coupons available 1:00 10:00 VIP experience, even experience VIP maturity value will not decrease, if it continues to consume, still get the experience to grow, after renewals can continue to enjoy the VIP benefits.

3.VIP grade free upgrade

The new on-line after DDTank2, VIP players can also enjoy the VIP upgrade the existing level of treatment. Existing VIP level will be less than nine bombs Friends’ existing VIP Level +1 “principle to convert, vip free upgrade, enjoy more privileges and benefits. In addition to a free upgrade, VIP players can also sign each day to receive a daily generous bonus package.

New DDTank2, the new VIP system stronger, more intimate, but also to VIP players get richer. In addition, VIP has also been more favorable price reasonable adjustments, one-time opening in March VIP, VIP rating will increase immediately to 4, VIP4 enjoy all the privileges, and the opening of six months and more direct access to VIP6, enjoy multiple more lucrative exclusive privileges. Exclusive VIP privileges distinguished, exclusive VIP winning, premium VIP privileges belong to you.

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DDTank2 version FAQ

Q: What is the pet DDTank2 system?

A: The open character level up to 25 when the pet system, pet system including the “pet” and “farm” in two parts, can enhance the role of pet-related attributes, competitive or copy.

Q: At present, which is divided into several pet it, what difference does it?

A: At present, there are blue pet ants, green shoots, chicken, little Boo Goo four. Each class pet currently divided 5 stars, the higher the higher star property and different pets have their own pet skills.

Q: What role does a pet?

A: pet has its own attack, defense, blood, agile, lucky basic properties, will play pet pet friendly property athletics bomb or a copy to the role of property accumulation, thereby enhancing combat bombs friends, but also have their own pet pets skills that can be used in combat after the war, triggered different skill effects.

Q: How can I get a pet it?

A: Currently playing friend get pets in two ways:

1, playing the role of the level reached Friends 25 by “game Square” into the “farm” in the “adoption center” in free pet adoption, and through the “Refresh” button to refresh the pet to get a higher level;

2, through Heroic “Warrior Arena” have access to a copy of a rare attribute pet egg, open availability of 5 stars pets.

Q: Why did not see combat pet it?

A: Pets will not appear in the battle, when the outbreak of pet skills have a perfect performance.

Q: pet system, while up to a maximum number of pets it?

A: At present, the largest pet system simultaneously receive five pets, which can only choose a pet to play, when the bombs are not satisfied with the Friends of the current pet can click on the “release” will give up a pet.

Q: How can I get it pet food?

A: Pet food through the “My farm” to grow plants using synthetic obtained (by synthesis pet food are bound), or obtained through participation in activities.

Q: What is the synthesis of pet food plants need to grow it?

A: Friends playing select “Food synthesis” in “My farm” in the pet food were synthesized, click to select synthetic formulation plant and the amount of information required to obtain the synthesis of elementary, intermediate and advanced synthesis of pet food.

Q: How to expand farm land, after the expiration of land already planted plants will happen?

A: Friends playing a certain number of points, coupons can be used to expand the land is not open; not charged with plants, shells Friends of the plant may be charged after maturity is about to expire or has expired on land, after the need to re-charge before continuing expansion land planting.


Q: denaturing card will retain the existing marriage matter?

A: Use automatic logoff after successful degeneration card and lift the existing marriage relationship, sex who are successful conversion equipment items automatically return to the backpack.

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Legend Knight Sheen Guard Hero

Legend Knight lets you weild the power of a dragon. After 1000 years you have woken from a magical slumber, and you find the world once again consumed by war. Prepare yourself, hero, to fight the tide of evil in this easy to learn, half real time, epic browser RPG. Log in and live your legend.

Sheen Guard is the first hero you can recruit in Legend Knight. This is the reason players consider it a hero for beginners and abandon it as soon as possible. But Sheen Guard hasexcellent Defense and makes a formidable front row hero.They can help players block mostAttacks, thus playing an important role in early stages of the game.

Let’s take a look at the Hero’s skills.

1. Mortal Assault – Attacks a random front row target and causes500 extra damage.

2. Advanced Drain – Attacks a random front row target, causes 600 extra damage and restores some of the Sheen Guard’s HP. This is a very important active skill for a front row tank. After restoring HP, the Sheen Guard can resist more attacks.

3. Defense Skill – Restores 50% of the Sheen Guard’s HP and increases its Block rate by 20%. This is a very important passive skill for a defense Hero.

4. Preserving Potency – Reduces damage received by 60% for 2 rounds when HP is less than 30%.

The best quality for a 1-Star Star Sheen Guard is orange, but it’s not easy reach this state. It requires a Purple Sheen Guard and 50 Tiger Teeth. How can you geta Purple Sheen Guard? You can summon one in the Divine Altar forBalens or Summoning Tokens – this will save you a lot of time. As for the Tiger Teeth, you can get them directly from Dungeons or exchange Lvl 1 Minerals for them. Collecting 50 Tiger Teeth is not an easy task, but a powerful Orange Sheen Guard is well worth your efforts.

Legend Knight Daily Snipe System

Legend Knight lets you weild the power of a dragon. After 1000 years you have woken from a magical slumber, and you find the world once again consumed by war. Prepare yourself, hero, to fight the tide of evil in this easy to learn, half real time, epic browser RPG. Log in and live your legend.

Daily Snipe System

1)       During the event, there will be all kinds of items on sale in the Snipe.

2)       You can check the items of the next Snipe even before it starts.

3)       Every wave of Snipe refreshes the items in it.

4)       The Snipe happens between 12:00 and 22:00. There will be a refresh every hour, with a total of 10 refreshes in a day.

5)       There will be a 2-sec cooldown after every purchase. Purchase is unavailable when there are no remaining item in the server.

There’s a Super Chest with your name on it when you recharge Balens for the first time, as long as its done from right here. Inside you’ll find all sorts of amazing items, as well as the super-exclusive, limited time Crystal Scorpion mount. Log in to ride your new mount 7 days in a row after you receive it, and it will be yours forever!




Legend Knight
There’s a Super Chest with your name on it when you recharge Balens for the first time, as long as its done from right here. Inside you’ll find all sorts of amazing items, as well as the super-exclusive, limited time Crystal Scorpion mount. Log in to ride your new mount 7 days in a row after you receive it, and it will be yours forever!

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Sword Saga comprehensive analysis of changes in the new version of the shooter

The new version of the Sword Saga shooter comprehensive analysis of the changes, the shooter in the new version was slashed several times, is not mentioned in the update:

  1. pale red blood back sustained barrage BUFF can become dispersed, the old version can not be dispelled, which makes multiplayer shooter endurance athletics in the infinitely close to zero, is itself crispy career, and now even put in the rear, the Lord of the group to kill several law a few will touch almost residual blood, then beheaded by the soldiers happy.
  2. Illusion blur significantly reduce cost, the original investment at around 3:00 this passive income is very good, probably sustain the life out of a total of about 4/1 of the shield, now generally blood are about 2 million, while the shields just more than 10,000, which is less than 10/1 blood, this skill can be basically removed.
  3. Evil seems to be strengthened revelation, but lower proc rate has changed, and often play the injury is not high, perhaps with extra armor for this skill to avoid injury? But does this skill is much stronger than before the revision, if the face is good always trigger, that can really hurt a large part of the output of the proposed fill vacuum.
  4. Destruction Shooting / raid shooting completely NERF, raid shooting injuries and multiple shooting quite unexpectedly, which makes a single shooter key flashpoint disappear, with deadly shooter seconds in front of the era gone. Destruction of shooting injuries and DOT damage and also seriously weakened compared to the old version, make up a knife is no longer the poor 15W only play up the knife hurt others blood around 10/1, but not considered armor reduction, phase under the multiple shooting than the current price is much higher than the destruction / raid.

Based on the above, the current position in the multiplayer shooter where athletics is very awkward, the most terrible is no endurance, survival shooter capacity than current law God Mom, but this version of the strong law God is obvious. Athletic striker position in the current version of the law than God only strong not weak, at least a 6/4 open, and is now up to 3/7 open.

The only comforting thing, the case with the mercenaries, still can bully fighters, soldiers, although survival ability, but after all, the output is still too weak groups, in this era of the second shooter on the high overall combat capability of winning fighters 3-5W is still very large.

Competitive multiplayer shooter current cost-plus point about the skills for: Evil Revelation – Multi-Shot – Hunting Leader – Full missile launchers – straight from the point.

Skills plus point with mercenary singled out for blood flow is still sin Inspiration – Multi-Shot – Hunting Leader – pale red Barrage – burst debris.

Gas with very good blood flow, gas as a way to strengthen the shooter hurt a little BUFF, although significantly reduced the viability of the shooter, but the mercenary’s milk can make it intended to, so many people in athletics, if the team there master big Tits, shooters can still play with blood gas stream with three tricks, and then automatically fight, if not, it is best to use a full missile launchers used to fight the outbreak of it.

2. Remember that a principle, who can tie diamond buy, not with real diamonds, then what is left of it? The first is the alchemical diamonds for gold, for us civilians, the first day alchemist or more cost effective, 3 cents change tens of thousands of gold coins, recommend refining once. In addition, incentives to get back inside, for Dabu Wan battlefield, can retrieve the appropriate financial resources according to what medal after medal get way too little.

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Sword Saga struck first served passion magic imminent war

Sword Saga stunning struck first service will give players a whole new magical interpretation. Professional roles camp gorgeous, dazzling skill effect realistic, thousands of pro-mercenary attitudes of beauty, hot fresh burst of cool clothing system that allows players to enjoy the intimate realistic gaming experience. Now, the devil has to break the seal, fell Costa mainland Ireland, a man magic imminent war. People travel together with the magical world of the occasion, to jointly open passion magical journey.

Sword Saga three professional awaken the hero

First login to the game, players create a character interface will see six kinds of fine characters were male (female) soldier, male (female) Master and male (female) shooter. Urging soldiers not wearing armor tough, as tough as Gladiator invincible; Master handheld wand, a powerful magical elements of the operator; agile as elf archer, bow Nu use pre-emptive, active on the continent is a powerful hunter. Three character formation shocking debut, gorgeous styling impact of bright spots, who will be your magical journey ace?

Sword Saga enchanting beauty gorgeous struck mercenary system

Sword Saga beauty mercenary system leading the trend, for the players to show the different styles of beauty. Angelina Jolie beautiful and elegant, lovely Klein Sesi, mature indifferent Isabel, gentle wisdom Tifa, intelligent weak calm beauty mercenary justice Eliza colored gorgeous appearance, style thousands of beauty available for you to enjoy the selection, interact intimate.

Sword Saga clothing system burst your little universe outbreak

Sword Saga as new creative play, sexy glamorous clothes burst system allows you to release the body of tremendous energy, and instantly makes you a small outbreak of the universe, to reverse the situation, and to provide for his teammates better offensive guard. Whether or mercenary players, male or female roles, once triggered burst clothing, instant access to thick vitality and strong defense capability, a devastating attack to the opponent. The most creative battle started.

Sword Saga is an epic fantasy masterpiece, realistic simulation of the real sound system, sexy clothes burst gameplay, gorgeous beauty struck eight mercenaries, cool and full of three professional, more dazzling special effects and realistic gorgeous skills sound, breaking the traditional sense of the plane tour page, allowing the player an immersive, face to face with the game! the game uses semi-round semi-real battle mode, formation configuration and skills to select highly strategic, operational ease of use, the battle rhythm hearty.

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Magic Sword Saga passionate journey first served five highlights exposure

The Best Browser RPG Game masterpiece annual Magic, Sword Saga first served hot to open. By then, the devil break the seal, come to Costa mainland Ireland, a man magic imminent war. Warrior, Mage, Archer three career appeared together, awaken the hero. Magic kingdom, and asked the world rival, solipsism chasing.

Fantasy adventure: great story with great accuracy

In Costa Ireland this magical kingdom, Sword Saga started a epic backstory. Players David Thomas as mercenaries into the Imperial Army Guojun and war. Constantly meet new companions, gradually expanding the ranks of the mercenary group, the final impact of the war throughout Costa Ireland continent. A magnificent war, starting out on a new mythical journey. In the game, players shuttle in Costa mainland Ireland, to experience different geographical features, enjoy a different kind of fun journey.

Soundtrack Audiovisual: Diasheng Meng Mei flipping heartstrings

Sword Saga launched interactive page tour’s first true voice, coupled with exquisite picture effect, trying to create three-dimensional realistic gaming experience. Eight beautiful mercenary each have their own sound system really make them more intuitive in front of players. Costa waged Ireland continent, warriors trained a cool Madden skills. Game with perfect skill effects and stunning sound effects, create brilliant gorgeous battle.

Mental duel: With hundreds of millions of possibilities

Sword Saga tour page redefine the concept of formation and use of mercenaries with a diversity of skills, build like devils secretive supernatural, God as omnipotent as the strongest role. Combat, players can carry three mercenaries were beautiful formations. According to three vocational skills with the deductive method, draw every single player career total of hundred million kinds of skills with the law. Game with unique skill system, no brain to make the game to avoid comparisons rich handsome, for the upgrade and the upgrade of boring.

Sword Saga is an epic fantasy masterpiece, realistic simulation of the real sound system, sexy clothes burst gameplay, gorgeous beauty struck eight mercenaries, cool and full of three professional, more dazzling special effects and realistic gorgeous skills sound, breaking the traditional sense of the plane tour page, allowing the player an immersive, face to face with the game! the game uses semi-round semi-real battle mode, formation configuration and skills to select highly strategic, operational ease of use, the battle rhythm hearty.

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The new service to enhance the combat effectiveness of the Five Keys struck DDTank2

DDTank2 open new service ” Sanyangkaitai ” , the new hall and walk Meng Q mount system open , perfect beginners guide and a copy of the experience , inter-service battle duel masters athletics competition for the king , the Bouncing Church will redefine leisure sports , and playing Friends together they embark on a new journey !

You want to accomplish something in DDTank2 new clothes , a strong fighting force is essential. Here to tell you how to improve the combat effectiveness through enhanced synthesis and fighting spirit in five aspects . [ Strengthen ]Strengthen the stone can strengthen arms , clothes , hats, deputy level , players can be available in the mall coupons , coupons binding points , medals and other purchase to strengthen the stone , VIP players will receive varying amounts of a day to strengthen the stone , VIP rating more the more high-strength fossil collection . Mentoring is also available at the same time strengthen the stone chest open .

[ Synthesis ]

Synthetic stone into grades 1-5 , synthetic stone high level, attribute the increase per 10 , the synthesis of property into four categories .

1 , Suzaku stone ( attack ) : Players can battle increases the damage , but a slight decrease in the player’s attack speed ; 2 , basalt ( defense ) : reduce the fighting players suffered injuries ; 3 , Dragon Stone ( agility ) : will increase the player’s attack speed , and also slightly increases the player’s physical strength ; 4 , White Tiger Stone ( lucky ) : Increases the player’s crit damage and crit rate, and will ignore the other part of the defense.

[ Sarah ]

Pearl slot requires a corresponding level will open below a row of slots to use Sarah drill open. VIP players can receive a daily drill , drill can also be purchased at the same time the mall . Sarah bordered can increase the corresponding attribute value , attribute value along with Sarah Sarah level increases.

Sarah get major ways: A copy of the flop ; 2 , playing the king of the Covenant open three times a day for free Sarah ; 3. The auction auction to get .[ Totem ] Totem added attribute points of attack, defense , agility , luck, the higher life , injury and armor, totem rating , the higher the property value , totem need to upgrade the more honor points .Obtaining Honor points : 1 , the world’s BOSS ( soccer captain , evil flame dragon, dark Earl ) ;2, the top right corner of the hall – I want to become strong, free retrieve honor points ;3, open the essence of honor .

[ Fighting spirit ]

Hair, eyes, face, ornaments , wings, suits these five sites can increase the fighting spirit experience to upgrade the level of fighting spirit to improve property values. Players can upgrade using the fighting spirit of Dan fighting spirit , a fighting spirit of Dan 10:00 fighting spirit can increase value.

Get Dan fighting spirit way : 1 , with 50 points, coupons or vouchers at the mall to buy the binding point ; 2 , clearance Fam get a certain amount of fighting spirit , Dan. 3 , clearance rescue operations.

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Seventh Avenue DDTank2 Meng interesting gameplay innovations revision  

DDTank2 4.9 launched a new version ,and is the Best Shooting Web Game remember that people encounter athletic heart slam it? In the new version, Seventh Avenue also adds more fun than encounter the system more with a sense of ” Hundred Regiments ” and other games are played, did not talk much to say , let the small series with a bomb into the passion of the faithful Bouncing Church world!

[ New guild battle groups to highlight the power of the Hundred Regiments ]

At Seventh Avenue DDTank2 4.9 version, the most important system Society has also ushered in a dramatic change , the new guild war debut, ” Hundred Regiments ” takes you to experience even more shocking and more exciting collective fight ! Seventh Avenue guild war is retained traditional project page tour , participate in union fight not only can get a lot of loot , but also improve the integration of personal and guild ‘s sense !

Seventh Avenue DDTank2 guild wars without registration, will open at a fixed time every week , guild wars currently ninety minutes long , while the weekly rankings wealth value increased 8 guild can get involved in the first qualification. To be able to participate in the fierce public battle , then usually do a lot for their contribution to the Association of it ! Only collective strong, we will be more robust growth .

Seventh Avenue DDTank2 guild war will be fixed in a fairy-tale scenes , all war bomb faithful to fight within the system will assign the room , into the battlefield , all players will show the image of a unified role , and be able to random walk inside the battlefield , just click on the enemy camp, players will immediately enter the competitive room. Get involved in the fighting guild battle points if the fight to win, then keep the remaining blood into the next battle , the battle failed to re-enter until the next round of the battle can only be full of blood again. New DDTank2 Hundred Regiments open soon , as the most active member of the Society , how can it not be involved ?  

[ Meng Chong equipment gorgeous debut strongest pet will soon be born ]

Seventh Avenue DDTank2 pet system has been the focus of attention of the players , this big update DDTank2 natural and ultimately those are super adorable little pets . To their pet wear high-level equipment, so their ability to greatly enhance the effectiveness in order to play a bigger battle, so the pet equipment is about to debut , Seventh Avenue DDTank2 ingenuity introduced pet equipment systems , so that all eyes bombs Friends a light. In addition the new system will increase pet renamed and released system that allows your pet to be more personalized.   Also in the new version of Seventh Avenue DDTank2 there will be more in the system is optimized for hosting functions within the battle is finally going to debut it , double prestige card is also expected to occur , the new system has been DDTank2 new debut, along with participation now!

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Wartune Breaking News – The Mythic Dragon Medallion & Medallion Upgrades

How to Obtain:

Increase your Honor to 450,000 to obtain the new title, Imperial Mythic Dragon Earl, and you can exchange for the Mythic Dragon Medallion in the Arena Shop. Equip it for huge stat boosts!


1. Once your Honor level reaches Imperial Mythic Dragon Earl you can go to the Arena Shop to exchange for the Mythic Dragon Medallion.

2. Players can only receive 1 Mythic Dragon Medallion each time. The obtained medallion cannot be sold and lasts for 7 days.

3. The medallion can be enhanced by consuming Insignia. When you enhance the medallion it will gain EXP. Once the medallion EXP is maxed players may upgrade it to a higher rank. Upgrading the medallion consumes both Insignia and Empire Truncheons.

4. The medallion has ten ranks, from 1 to 10.

5. By consuming Insignia the item’s validity period can be extended. Normal Renewing increases the validity period by 1 day. Adv. Renewing increases the validity period by 15 days.

Stat Bonuses:

1. The Mythic Dragon Medallion has various ranks. The higher the rank, the greater the stat bonuses.

2. Once the medallion expires, all stat bonuses will disappear, however its rank and EXP will remain unchanged. Players may then consume Insignia to extend the items validity period and recover the stat bonuses.


1. Item description: Used to increase Honor by 500 and is not restricted by the daily honor limit.

2. Required level: Lvl.30

Wartune Breaking News – Shock System Introduction

The Shock system is oftentimes overlooked in Wartune so we are here to give it a brief intro! The Shock system is closely related to the Holy Seal system, offering big boosts while inbattle. To access the Shock system players must first access the Wheel of Fate panel by clicking the Fate button, located in the Inventory panel.

Also known as the Anti-Stun attribute system, the Shock system boosts your character’s Influence, a stat that decreases the chance of being stunned by enemies. Your character’s Influence can be upgraded by using Beads of Influence, which can be obtained through the Wheel of Fate or purchased in the Mystery Shop.

Wartune Breaking News – New Troops

Requirements: Level 70+

Two new troop types have been added: Demonic Angel and Demonic Knight. Both troops can be found in the Barracks.

Grand Lottery

Level Requirement: 35+


1. Access the Grand Lottery through the Hot Events panel.

2. Select an icon from the Tarots and the Astrology Signs panel. Both the Tarots and the Astrology Signs contain 12 icons. Players may randomly change their icon before and only before the wager has been confirmed. Players cannot wager when an icon has not been confirmed.

3. Select your wager type (Balens or Gold) after selecting your icons. Once your wager has been confirmed, you may not change your icon or wager currency.


1. First Prize: successful with both wagers; Second Prize: successful in any one wager.

2. Diamonds Wagers

a. First Prize: 1000 Bound Balens

b. Second Prize: 100 Bound Balens

3. Gold Wagers

a. First Prize: 500 Bound Balens

b. Second Prize: 50 Bound Balens

The lottery begins every day at 05:00. Rewards will be sent via in-game mail.





Thanks for your participation, we look forward to hearing your scintillating comments!

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Lost Sword Saga chapter describes a method to obtain secret achievement

Lost Sword Saga chapter the Best Browser RPG Game describes secret achievement acquisition method , since ying out the achievements of the system, we are lost chapter in the study completed achievements method, users have to share the achievements of the post method , and now I know for their achievements and complete method share with you.

This is to strengthen the equipment to get . ( Success rate without Birthstone strengthening can get 10% success )

This is the Chamber of Commerce to purchase items get ( specifically, the purchase price totaled 500 bricks available)

This is obtained ( in gems conversion interface, a 5 -grade gems can get 15 times the conversion ) when converting gem

This is when you can get get ( with orange tree swallow four orange stars while star when swallowed astrology Orange Star Orange Star , I was eating when you get a 4 , I have a friend to eat two to get a little do not understand )

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