Ninjas Broke My Keyboard -Holy Item

In order to be prepared for the coming challenges, the new Holy Item system will be launched! Holy Items can significantly boost your character’s stats. In Ninjas Broke My Keyboard, which is an action MMORPG based on classic arcade games ,you will be able to collect Holy Item Shards to cast a Holy Item of your own.

Where can you find Holy Items?

 Complete the Main Quest [Defeat the Shark] to unlock the Holy Item system, you can find the icon at the bottom right corner of the main interface (shown as picture 1).



Open the Holy Item interface, and you will see three Holy Items. All of them are locked at the beginning. If you want to unlock one of them, you have to collect 30 shards of the same Holy Item. After the Holy Item system is unlocked, we will send you Lava Battleaxe Shard x 30. You can follow the guide to unlock the Lava Battleaxe, your first Holy Item! If you want to unlock the other two Holy Items, you will have to collect their corresponding shards (shown as picture 2). Here is a tip: Holy Item shards can not only unlock Holy Items but also be used to refine and enchant them. Each Holy Item has three stages: Super, Legendary and Epic. As the Holy Item evolves, its stats will be boosted and their appearance will also change! To enchant a Holy Item, you will need Holy Stones and Holy Item Shards. You can buy them in Honor Shop and Shop.


Picture 2 Unlocked Lava Battleaxe

Holy Item features

 In Ninjas Broke My Keyboard ,Holy Items only take effect after being equipped. You can only equip one Holy Item at the same time. Each Holy Items has unique features:

• The Lava Battleaxe was forged by the lava from the earth’s core. It has the highest PATK boost. A great choice for players who want to deal high physical damage.

• The Anger Scythe contains the anger from thousands of demons trapped in the Abyss. It has the highest MATK boost. A great choice for players who want to deal high magic damage.

• The Elf Staff is made of the power of the earth. It has the highest HP boost. A great choice for players who want to get high HP.

Holy Item Refinement, Enchantment and Awakening

After a Holy Item is unlocked, you need to keep collecting Holy Item Shards to refine your Holy Items. After you refine your Holy Item, you can enchant it to boost its stats. When refining Holy Items, the Holy Item Shards will be transformed in Holy Item Points, which can be distributed to boost its stats. Whenever the Holy Item is enchanted to Lvl 10 or Lvl 30, the Holy Item will reach the next stage.Its appearance will change and its stats will greatly increase. (Shown as picture 3)


Picture3 Third Stage of Lava Battleaxe – Epic

Holy Item Display

If you equip a Holy Item, you will see an icon following your character (Shown in Picture 3). In the Character Interface, you can also click on the Holy Item icon to see the Holy Item Display interface.


Picture 4

How do you boost your Holy Item Stats?

You can distribute the Holy Item Points as you like.

Here are some tips:

• Refine a Holy Item to get Holy Item Points. 1 Holy Item Shard will turn into 1 Holy Item Point.

• The maximum stat boost depends of the Refinement level of the Holy Item.

• Click “max”, and the Holy Item Points will be distributed to the stat until it reaches the maximum.

• Click “+” to distribute 1 Holy Item Point to the stat.

• Click “-” to retrieve 1 Holy Item Point that has been distributed but not confirmed.

• Click “Confirm” to confirm the point distribution. Only after clicking “Confirm”, will the distribution take effect.

• Click “Reset” to reset the point distribution. Reset your points before confirming if you are not sure of how you distributed them.

• “Recast” the Holy Item to get all the distributed points back and distribute them again.

Now you know how to distribute your Holy Item Points! That’s pretty much everything I know about Holy Items. Now it’s time for you to try it! Start your own adventure in Ninjas Broke My Keyboard!

With this Holy Items system, now you can use your keyboard to combos and defeat enemies more easily.

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Ninjas Broke My Keyboard -Hero Fate & Inheritance

In this new version of Ninjas Broke My Keyboard ,which is an action MMORPG based on classic arcade games , we add two new systems about the Heroes named Fate and Inherit.

Fate means the relationship between different Heroes. When they fight together, the Fate between them will be activated to increase the characters’ and Heroes’ Stats. Several Hero Fates can be activated at the same time as long as the Heroes in formation meet the requirements. Once a Hero is removed from the formation, its Fate will disappear automatically. A Hero has different kinds of Fates. Different Fates bring different Stat boost for characters and Heroes. Let’s see how this works.

In this new version of Ninjas Broke My Keyboard, two tabs are added in the Hero Blacksmith interface. First, let’s have a look at the Fate tab. Only those Heroes with four Stars or more can have Fates. All the Fates of a Hero will be shown in the interface. You can see your Hero’s Fates and their stat boost. (Picture 1) Once a Fate of a Hero is activated, it will be marked as Activated. (Picture 2)





To activate a Fate, you need to add the corresponding Hero into formation. So, how do you add Heroes into formation? Open the character Interface to see the new Fate Hero section (Picture 3). Since there are 6 slots in the Fate Hero section, you will be able to have up to 9 Heroes into formation. Note: Heroes added in Fate Hero can’t boost the character’s Stat directly, but you can do it activating the Fate between them.



That’s all you need to know about Hero Fate. Time to get your Heroes and prepare for battle!

Hero Inheritance

More and more Heroes will be available in the near future! We are sure you will like them a lot! But we also know that if you want new Heroes, you will have to sell some of the old ones. And you invested a lot of time in them! That’s why we added the Inherit function in the Hero Blacksmith. Now, if you want to use a new Hero, it can Inherit the experience of one of your old Heroes so you don’t lose any experience points! A low level Hero can inherit the level from a high level Hero. The level of the hero inherited will be reset to 1. You can see how it works in pictures 4 and 5.


Picture4 Before Inheritance


Picture5 After Inheritance

Remember, only Heroes with same Star Level can be Inherited. There are two kinds of inheritance: Inheritance and Advanced Inheritance. When using Inheritance, only the Hero’s Level will be inherited. And the level of the inherited Hero must be higher than the level of the inheriting Hero. However, when using Advanced Inheritance, both the Hero’s level and Enchantment level can be inherited! The Level of the Hero inherited will be reset to 1, and Enchant level to 0. The Hero inherited will obtain the previous Level and Enchant level of the Hero inheriting. (Picture 6) (Picture 7)


Picture 6 Before Advanced Inheritance


Picture 7 After Advance Inheritance

With these two systems, now you can use your keyboard to combos and defeat enemies with your more powerful heroes.

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Ninjas Broke My Keyboard – Find your favorite Mount

One could tell people’s taste and class by looking at the cars they own, for example. In some way, this also applies to Ninjas Broke My Keyboard. A decent Mount does not only havea cool appearance, but it also increases your Character’s Stats.

  1. Mount Description


There are more than 10 kinds of Mounts available in the game. They all have unique appearances and can help you increase different stats of your character. You can change your Mount by clicking the button “Mount”. Additionally, you can also train them to become your character’s powerful partners.

  1. How do you get a Mount?

At the beginning of the game, in Chapter 1, youwill be offered a Chicken. It’s really cute and cool at the same time. The thing is that over the following chapters, you will have to manage how to get Mountson your own. If you want to obtain a Mount, you have to complete some collection tasks or take part in some events, like the ranking events.

  1. Mount Training

Would you like to have your Mounts around you all the time? Then enhance them! There are two ways in which you can enhance them. One is by feeding them, another is by training them.


Feeding Mounts:

Sometimes you may obtain some Mount EXP Food to feed your Mounts. This allows them to level up, which implies also an increase in your Character’s stats.

Training Mounts:

Train your Mount and you’ll see a boost in your Character’s stats as well. This is indeed an important way to increase your Characters’ Stats.

  1. Mounts Inheritance

If you own several Mounts, you canchange them from time to time. You canhave a Mountinherited instead of training it. It could inherit the Level and the Growth Value from the original one to the mount that you like.


This was a general introductionon how to play Ninjas Broke My Keyboard. I hope you can find it useful and I wish you to find your favorite Mount. Go and enjoy it!

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Ninjas Broke My Keyboard – Make Your Equipment Stronger

Generally speaking, fighting for equipment and trying various fashion items to discover which ones are the best ones are what get players annoyed in most of the game. However, in Ninjas Broke My Keyboard, you can find various sets of equipment already customized especially for your characters. The only thing you need to do is to make them stronger. There are three ways in which you can strengthen your equipment: Enchantment, Evolution and Gem Socketing.

1. Enchantments

Obviously, if we want an equipment to acquire higher stats, then we surely need to constantly enchant it. In Ninjas Broke My Keyboard, there are 10 qualities for each piece of equipment, namely, Iron, Bronze, Kurogane, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Unigold, Ruby, Amethyst and Sapphire. Each quality has 10 levels. As the equipment levels up, its stats increase proportionally. The character’s level also influences the equipment’s enchantment level. If you want to get a stronger weapon, then the best way is to constantly enchant the weapon that you own.


2. Evolution:

Evolution can greatly boost your equipment’s stats. The higher the equipment level is, the more stats it can have. To evolve a piece of equipment, you need Evolution Scrolls and Evolution Materials.

Evolution Scrolls are a must, since they show you how to evolve your equipment. But where can you get Evolution Scrolls from?

We learnt that Evolution Scrolls are rare and protected by Elite Bosses for centuries. If you really want to get Evolution Scrolls, then you need to challenge the Elite Dungeons where Elite Bosses live. Please remember that they are way more powerful than those we generally meet, so if you want to obtain Evolution Scrolls, then you must be really careful.

After obtaining the scrolls, you will also need materials to complete the evolution. In this case, where can you find the Evolution Materials?

You can find Evolution Materials all over the world. The difficult part is to actually figure out their locations. So the next question is how can we find them in a short time? But here is a tip for you: use the AFK mode. Click the icon of the materials that you need and your character will automatically move to the destination. This is a much easier way to find the materials that you need. From now on, you can obtain any Evolution Material you want.

3. Gem Socketing

I bet that every player has enough knowledge of gem socketing. But the question is how do you get those gems? Let me briefly explain it to you. Here are two ways:(1) Challenge the Elite Dungeons and (2) buy them in the Shop.


If you want to get higher level Gems, then you should synthesize them.


Gems can also be unsocketed from the equipment. Moreover, as the equipment evolves, you can socket more Gems on it.

I guess that’s quite everything I know. I hope it will help you.

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Ninjas Broke My Keyboard – Keyboard Enthusiasts’ Love

Ninjas Broke My Keyboard is a new generation Landscape Arcade MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) web game unique in its kind. With a perfect combination of oriental and western elements, this adventure will offer you amazing arcade battles and an epic story. Experience classical Dungeon challenges, attack combos, strike skill effects and collect Hero Cards to summon Heroes and defeat your enemies. With lots of funny mini games and innovative arc maps, you’ll find yourself immersed in a rich and magical world.


Now let’s have a brief introduction of this epic web game.

First and foremost, I would like to introduce to you the four available characters in the game, namely Knight, Hunter, Assassin and Mage.


After having gone through the Newbie Guide and been trained in simple battles, you will be able to enter into the Major City and start your epic adventure.




In the game, the Mysterious Elder will be the one who will guide you and teach you new skills. Heroes will work side by side with you in your course of adventure.



You can get heroes by challenging dungeons or summoning in the Divine Altar.


There are two kinds of heroes, the heroes at higher level and those at lower level. The former ones will follow with you in your adventures and the latter ones will be absorbed by the higher level heroes so they can boost their stats.


As a new generation Landscape Arcade MMORPG web game, “Ninjas Broke My Keybord” is featured with clearing plot dungeons. Come challenge various dungeons with your Heroes.




As the dungeons become more and more difficult, you will encounter stronger Bosses with more powerful skills. To defeat them, you have to be smart and agile. One more thing: try not to smash your keyboard!


As the story goes on and you grow stronger, you will unlock new Dungeon maps, arrive in new Major Cities and meet more NPCs.


Except the plot dungeons, there are also elite dungeons, where you can challenge various elite NPCs.


Do you want to know more? Join our game now!

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