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Win an Ipad Pro in Proficient City’s Christmas Connection Event

When we set foot in white December many of us start to prepare for the upcoming holiday. Some like to start get their scrapbook ready, others begin to plan their family dinner.


As for Proficient City, they’ve started to prepare some gifts for all of the Wartune, DDTank, Eternal Fury and Legend Knight players. They’re holding a contest, where you can share pictures of you and your loved ones enjoying a delicious Christmas ham, unwrapping gifts, or having fun playing their games. The most popular picture will receive an amazing Christmas present: an iPad Pro!


It’s pretty easy to participate, all you have to do is head to the official website at Christmas Connection, then post a photo that you think other people will enjoy. They’ve got a few categories, best tree, cutest Christmas pet, best Christmas selfie, or best gift, plus a random ‘post whatever you want as long as it has to do with Christmas’ category.

Besides the iPad Pro they’re also giving away some gift cards, a USB drive featuring the mascot from one of their games – DDTank, as well as some in-game goodies. To top it off they’ve got some limited-edition postcards that have a secret message if you can combine all 6.

If you don’t feel like sharing pictures from your life, you can also take some screenshots of the event and post them on your Facebook page or your Instagram with #ChristmasConnection and for the chance to win some other rewards.

Who doesn’t like to brag about their life a bit? Share some photos, maybe win an iPad. Sounds like a fair deal to me.

Click to join Christmas Connection event:

Facebook Page:

Wartune Community

DDTank Mobile Community

DDTank Community

Eternal Fury Community

Legend Knight Community


Make your Christmas Connections with Proficient City

Christmas is about connections. It’s about meeting and eating and laughing.
Proficient City would like you to share photos from your life, and connect with players around the world this holiday. That’s why they’ve decided to hold their #ChristmasConnections event, and give away an iPad Pro.

How do people connect?
They use bells, dolls, stars, and stockings to decorate their Christmas trees.
They share gifts with friends and family, and see the joy of their loved ones when the gifts are opened.
They dress up their pets in silly costumes, and give them silly gifts.
They get together with loved ones and take beautiful or ridiculous selfies, so the world can see how lucky they are.
On this special occasion you’ll be taking photos to help you remember these wonderful moments. Why not share your photos with some of your favorite games?

Wartune, DDTank, Legend Knight and Eternal Fury would like to help you enjoy the holiday by giving you the chance to share pictures of you and your family enjoying a delicious Christmas dinner, unwrapping gifts or having fun playing our games. They’ll be setting up a few categories for their Christmas Connection contest, but any and all photos will be accepted as long as they have something to do with the holidays. Let the world see the joy that Christmas brings you.

Post your photos on the official contest website for the chance to win a special Christmas gift: an iPad Pro! You choose the color, and it can be shipped anywhere in the world. They’ve also prepared lots of other gifts, including iTunes, Google Play and Visa Gift Cards, and some limited edition postcards.

The contest will be starting soon, so start taking pictures! For more news please visit the official Facebook page of your favorite game.

Event website:

Duration: 2015/12/14-2015/12/29

Thank you for supporting Wartune, DDTank, Legend Knight and Eternal Fury.


Every year we at Proficient City head to San Francisco to participate in the annual Game Developers Conference. This year was particularly special as we rubbed elbows with some of game design’s most prominent innovators, showed off our favorite games, and introduced our brand new business model – Game Hollywood.


Ready for the big event

We had a lot to show off at GDC, and plenty to be proud of. Proficient City started with webgames, and webgames are where we excel; in 2015 we’ve released 3 of the finest – Darkstar Risen, Era of Empire and Portal Hunter. While webgames are still popular, mobile is the future and we won’t be left behind so we presented the mobile version of DDTank, one of our most popular games. We’re always expanding and this year we also highlighted our newest ambition – cross-platform gaming. Zeus Age, Dino Tribe, and Angry Karts are powered by Unity giving players the ability to play on their computers, or on their mobile devices.


Our COO Xitou showing off one of our games to potential affiliates

As Proficient City grows, we need to stay fresh to stay relevant. GDC offered us the perfect opportunity to highlight our new business model – Game Hollywood. As China becomes more prominent in the world its gaming industry has begun to boom. Innovation is key, and Proficient City intends to use its many years of experience to guide Chinese and other Asian developers into foreign markets. We’ve broken our method down into 6 main strategies to make sure that these companies provide a quality gaming experience, and bring China to the global forefront of gaming.


Proficient City’s newest innovation – Game Hollywood

Game Engine Technology Support – With all the possible game engines out there it’s hard for many companies to choose which suits their needs. Proficient City has extensive game design and implementation experience, and will help Chinese companies avoid some of the costly pitfalls that can cripple a project.

Cross-Platform SDK Systems – We now have 3 cross-platform games all made with Unity. With Unity’s recent announcement that they will be turning to a free-to-use model it will only become more popular, and we’ll be there to guide the way.

Cloud-based Publishing – Security and simplicity are the keys to cloud-based publishing. We will help our fellow companies maintain the privacy of their players, and the confidence of the industry.

QA Localization and In-Game Customization – No culture is alike, and what works in Asia may not work elsewhere. Game Hollywood will help developers tread the fine line between Asian feel and foreign style.

SaaS Based PMD Marketing – There’s a thousand marketing companies out there, and each has its own niche. We’ll help companies sift through the irrelevant to find PMD’s that excel in their chosen markets.

Infrastructure – It’s a big world, and sometimes it’s hard to keep a handle on things. Payment systems, servers, customer service and a myriad of other problems can plague the uninitiated. Proficient City will help developers expand their reach, and maintain the elements they need to be successful.


Our CTO, James, excited about our future in VR

GDC also presented us with the opportunity to celebrate our new partnership with Futbol Club Barcelona. We’ve already begun to roll out some of the fantastic FCB content for DDTank which will include new weapons, outfits and characters based off of everyone’s favorite football players. We took advantage of the conference to snap some photos of our fancy new jersey with some of our partner companies.


Showing off our DDTank jersey

GDC was a fantastic success and we were excited to be there. We showed off our new plans, met some new advertising partners, found some new marketing companies, and had a chance to chat with old friends.

Now it’s time to get down to the real work. See you next year!

The   Proficient City website :

 Sword Saga Dragon’s Blood System to enhance the combat capabilities of the method Detailed


Sword Saga Dragon’s Blood System to enhance the combat capabilities of the method Detailed, Dragon’s Blood Dragon and Dragon’s Blood is divided into two parts, engraving, it is for personal combat bonus is a very important part.

Dragon Xingyue stone needed to activate each activation of a point can be obtained to enhance the combat effectiveness of the Dragon, do not underestimate these oh, considerable room for improvement, but also the addition of a lot of it. Dragon is divided into several bands, each stage corresponding attributes Dragon left into life, destruction, Magic Resistance, stone skin, violent, immortal.


With the upgrading of the Dragon, the number of the moon and stars will need more and more stones. Xingyue stone output mainly from personal challenge and estates, personal challenge inside the moon and stars, there are many brave bounty stone yet, there are training the horse to the moon and stars, there are many stones. Also the number of open service celebration Xingyue send stone is very impressive, it is worth a fight, then get rewarded for your combat have a very large increase ohhh key stone is money can not buy the moon and stars, the difference is that this combat hard to catch up to the others.

Moon and stars have enough stone, then direct point on it.

Upgrade engraving needs dragon blood dragon blood, dragon blood abyss prison only to get, so be sure to remember to use the abyss key, double income, dragon’s blood was twice as help you faster engraving strengthen and improve combat effectiveness.

Long enough blood, you can directly point to strengthen.

Dragon’s Blood enhance a great impact on its effectiveness, and the moon and stars and stone dragon’s blood is extremely rare, very rare. Open service in celebration of the moon and stars and stone dragon blood reward, is the fastest way to obtain the maximum amount, you want to continue to improve their combat effectiveness than others, it is hard red list it.

Welcome to the Best Browser RPG Game ,and the Sword Saga Official Website :

Sword Saga – All Beautiful Mercenary And New Fashion Holy Verdict

Sword Saga, a half real time, player-friendly, role-playing game, is set in a high-fantasy universe and played directly from your browser, The Best Browser RPG Game. In this game, the heroes, together with their mercenary friends, fight for the peace of their homeland and finally pull the continent back from the verge of the war.

 Sword Saga Mercenary Angelina

Name: Angelina Moonbeam

Date of Birth: Calendar of the Isil Church – 785, July

Height: 155cm

Weight: 44kg

Position: Priestess – Church of Lady Isil

Personality: Quiet and pious, passionately helps others

Likes: Meditation and prayer

Dislikes: Swimming

Favorite Food: Fresh fruit

Disliked Food: Strong tasting foods

Angelina is a child of prophecy and utterly devout to the Lady Isis. She alone has the ability to once again seal the demons into the Starlan Crystal. She is the younger sister of Greescar Kingdom’s Head Minister, and has been adopted by the head of the Isil Church.

Damage: C

Defense: C

Support: A

Mercenary Crisesy

Name: Crisesy Golden

Age: 16

Height: 165cm

Weight: 50kg

Position: Fencer

Crisesy is the daughter of the downfallen Earl Greg Auden in Christa. She inherits fencing and ancestral sword from her father.

Damage: C

Defense: A

Support: E

Sword Saga Mercenary Isabel

Name: Isabel Huntley

Age: 19

Height: 170cm

Weight: 57kg

Position: Hunter

Isabel is the first born daughter of Huntley family in Thomahord. She is the chief Mercenary of Mercenary Association and lives with her brother Seth.

Damage: A

Defense: D

Support: E

Sword Saga Mercenary Diva

Name: Diva Quinn

Age: 17

Height: 167cm

Weight: 47kg

Position: Mage

Diva is the mage of Christa. She leaves for Hoof Village for learning Yaks’ usage of Element.

Damage: C

Defense: C

Support: C

Sword Saga Mercenary Valponnia

Name: Valponnia Romulus

Age: 17

Height: 160cm

Weight: 51kg

Position: Engineer

Valponnia used to be the princess of Val Porter Empire and the chief engineer of imperial academy.

Damage: D

Defense: B

Support: A

New Fashion Holy Verdict

Sword Saga Stylish New Fashion Holy Verdict

For the Fashion Holy Verdict event, you can open a Holy Chest to randomly get one of the following items: Holy Verdict Weapon, Holy Verdict Armor and Holy Verdict Headwear. If you are not lucky enough to get the Fashion Holy Verdict in the Holy Chest, don’t worry! You can also get the following items: Holy Heart, Gold, Lvl.2 Gem Chest, Gem Potion, Starmoon Crystal, Dragon Blood and Exquisite Gift. Participate in different events to have the chance to win a Holy Chest!

Collect Holy Hearts, they can be used to exchange for a Fashion Holy Verdict! You’ll need 30 Holy Hearts to get each Fashion item (Holy Verdict Weapon, Holy Verdict Armor, Holy Verdict Headwear). You’ll need 90 Holy Hearts to get the whole Holy Verdict set. Holy Chests are on sale in the Shop of every server. The Fashion Holy Verdict could be yours for only 35 Balens! Don’t miss this chance! Play Sword Saga and win this awesome Fashion!

Come to Sword Saga Official Website: