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Wartune-Wind & Water Sylph Profile

After the Light & Dark Sylph, another powerful Sylph has joined Wartune family: Wind & Water Sylph. As the combination of Wind and Water, this Sylph is well-liked by our players too. So how can we merge such a Sylph?

Similar to the Light & Dark Sylph, there are two methods to get a Wind & Water Sylph in Wartune.


Method 1:

Obtain a Wind Sylph and a Water Sylph that are both Orange with full aptitudes and at the maximum level. Then collect 500 Sun Cores, 500 Blast of Suns and 200 Wind & Water Emblems. Finally, spend some balens and you’ll receive an Orange Wind & Water Sylph Freya.

Method 2:

Obtain Poseidon and Goddess of Prosperity that are both Red with full Aptitudes and at the maximum level. Then collect 1000 Sun Cores, 1000 Blast of Suns and 500 Wind & Water Emblems. Finally, spend some balens and you’ll receive a Red Wind & Water Sylph Frigga.


After the merge, the Wind & Water Sylph will maintain the color while their aptitude limits will increase. So if you merge 2 Red Sylphs, you’ll receive a red Sylph.

But watch out, Sylphs will lose their skills after merging, which means you have to learn them again! Now let’s talk about the Wind & Water Sylph’s skills.

Compared with the Light & Dark Sylph, Wind & Water Sylph focus on MATK, so it’s suitable for attacking Knights and Archers. However, it’s not so powerful when attacking Mages since they have high MDEF.

Compared to the Light & Dark Sylph’s high MATK and PATK, Wind & Water Sylph’s MATK is relatively weak when fighting against Mages. In addition, having inherited the characteristics of Wind and Water, Wind & Water Sylphs mainly play the role of assistant. Bringing 2 Wind & Water Sylphs into Class War and Battleground is a pretty smart idea: one Sylph releases Ice Shield and Aquilon’s Blessing, and the other one restores HP and releases Delphic skills.

So after learning about the Wind & Water Sylph, are you already aware of how strong it is? Would you like to get your hands on one? Then what are you waiting for!

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Wartune v 5.1 New Eudaemon – Blood Warrior

5.1新守卫 烈血狂战

Blood Warrior, the New Eudaemon of version 5.1, is now available! In the last event launched by our team to introduce our New Eudaemon, Blood Warrior attracted a lot of attention and became a hot topic among our players thanks to its amazing appearance. Today we can talk about the unique features of the Blood Warrior.

The Blood Warrior will assist you with its magical powers. It has the ability to trigger a vampiric effect which will drain the enemy’s HP.

You’ll be surprised by its two main skills.
Delphic Slasher deals 100% damage to an enemy in the back row. This skill is very useful to interrupt enemy ambushes at the right time.
Delphic Bloody Storm deals damage to all enemies and increases the fatality rate. This skill can deal a lot of damage no matter if it’s a team battle or you are fighting alone.

Blood Warrior has six more skills: Cleaver, Shock Strike, Blood Drain, Shadowless Blade, Menace and The Last Straw.
1. Cleaver causes damage to front row enemies.
2. Shock Strike causes damage to the enemies with less HP.
3. Blood Drain causes damage to a random enemy and triggers a vampiric effect.
4. Shadowless Blade causes damage to two random enemies.
5. Menace causes damage to the enemies at the back.
6. The Last Straw causes damage to enemies at the back and doubles the chances of causing damage.

Blood Sacrifice and Crusader’s Will are Passive Skills. Blood Sacrifice enables your warrior to trigger a vampiric effect with every attack. Crusader’s Will give you a magic attack and magic defense boost.

Do you want to obtain the amazing Blood Warrior? Reach lvl 70 and exchange items to obtain it!

Stay tuned for more information!

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Legend Knight to join Yong Jin -based Friends of the way first exposure Killing Field Trials


Association copies of Legend Knight, it is to play the best games of this Trial unbreakable brotherhood .

An association between the brothers must work together in order to sway blood clearance Trials field . Click on the game live interface “Association Copy” icon to open the main interface. As a group of friends together Rebel Trials , the course more than one , as you stop clearance, subsequent levels will gradually open. Clearance each level , each level to defeat an enemy , can be obtained on behalf of rare artifact of the checkpoints ! It was pink unique weapons , combat power is very strong, very handsome appearance , precious stones inlaid hole is very much directed at such a powerful treasure , the Society a copy , you and your brother are worth a break !

Players can be assigned to the mobility 3:00 every day , the action force per point can make you into a guild to obtain a copy of a rare artifact , which is only normal for you three times a day access to a copy of the Society , and the number of elite challenge only 1 . But of course , mobility and challenges in the daily number of 14 points on top , and this is very convenient for the players who play the game during the day .

After entering the copy , the player can start and you highlighted the danger brothers composed team, jointly conducted this fantasy dangerous journey. A copy of the enemy very much, select the NPC and the level you want to challenge , fancy weapons you need, you can instead of dialogue began to challenge.Since the description of the association copies , of course, only the Association of Friends of the brothers together a good base to clearance of the Shura Trials field . Heroism is not allowed here , no matter how strong you are , it is impossible for a person to cope with thousands of enemies . Where the enemy may not be strong, but did not play in the victory , no matter what your challenge NPC, monster beat it still kept behind other Bay over . This time his teammates on plays an indelible role ! Here with your friends and brothers between base is particularly important , after all, wave after wave of enemies , and your blood has been re-buckle , how supply , how to attack , they must rely on your strength and depth of cooperation, to defeat all enemies , get a rare artifact.

Association copies of Legend Knight Wiki , and it is his best brothers , sway blood , join Yongjin , Indiana -based Friends of common Trials field , this is you have a deep friendship should work together to complete the adventure killings Road ! Under the men’s friendship and blood, indomitable, enemies only to die , not born ! You and your good based Friends yet ready or not?

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Wartune enhance combat capability Divine Comedy Suite selection method

Fighting force is the most intuitive strength of the performance of a lord in Wartune game, although fighting force and do not represent an absolute winner when the real showdown , but to enhance the combat capability of each player is still pursuing. The key aspects of the various aspects of the equipment, horse, Star Games , gems , etc. are fighting force of the impact , including with regard to equipment , in addition to the level of additional property and equipment , the equipment is also very important , a good property than the property can increase a few bad ten or even hundreds of combat power .And Wartune enhance combat capability Divine Comedy Suite selection method.

For general integer suits and Arena suit , every piece of equipment you can have five random properties , the initial property should not make people completely satisfied , which were required for the purification equipment . The purification operations are carried out in the blacksmith shop , blacksmith shop after opening the fourth tab card is the purification project . Select a purification of the equipment you want to spend eighteen appropriate level of purification of the stone , you can randomly get five new property and equipment , according to the different needs of choice is not asked to replace the original property. Purification of stone can be purchased at the mall , you can also break down the equipment obtained a copy of a copy of the single and multiplayer obtained . If the equipment is bound decomposed purification of stone is bound ; equipment is not binding, the purification of stone decomposition is obtained unbound . When succinct and equipment, may not be what time is five attributes are perfect , then you can choose to lock the purification of a strip properties again , of course, take the diamond locked property .What properties could be good attribute ? Each property has star ratings , the same star property is naturally better.

If the property has added strength, intelligence , armor , and other physical properties are good , because the power of intelligence in addition to a corresponding increase in physical attacks or magic attacks , but also to increase physical defense or magic defense ; Armor will increase at the same time physical defense and magic defense , physical life can be increased . Others are simply increasing the number of attacks and defenses and the properties of life, you can choose according to need career . For shooters , increasing crit is also a good attribute , the soldiers can leave the property to increase parry . As commander of the property increases , that does not make much sense . After the purification by obtaining the appropriate property , a piece of equipment considered perfect , and sometimes simple numerical increase combat power is not the only consideration , or to the comprehensive career and its own characteristics to choose the right property.

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Legend Knight Marriage System and Wedding Ring Syste

1. When you reach lvl 36 in Legend Knight, you can click the Marriage icon on the bottom right of the screen to open the Marriage interface.

  1. Male players can propose to female players (higher than lvl 36). After receiving the proposal, female players can accept or refuse at will. Because only male players can propose, female players should be reserved when deciding whether or not to accept.

【Legend Knight Engagement】

When a female player has accepted proposal, the male player must make set the wedding date and time in the Engagement interface.


  1. After the proposal has been accepted neither player can propose or accept another players’ proposal unless one of them goes to a Priest, an NPC in Glory City, to cancel the engagement.

2.The wedding will held automatically at the appointed time, whether or not the bride and groom are online.

【Legend Knight Wedding Packs Capture】

1. The newlyweds can gift Wedding Packs to their guests. Players in the wedding can click the Chests on the ground to accept the Wedding Packs. Each player can accept at most 30 Wedding Packs per day. Complete the Wedding to activate the Wedding RingandRing Soul systems to Craft and refine Wedding Rings. There are three kinds of Rings: Everlasting Love, Telesthesiaand Love in Night Sky. Wedding Rings dramatically boost the HP, PATK, MATK, PDEF and MDEF of all the Heroes and the Character. The bride and groom can also activate the Wedding Rings’ Lover Skills. The more requirements they meet, the more Lover Skills they can activate. Go activate those Lover Skills!

2. Wedding Participants can send gifts to the newlyweds.

【Legend Knight Divorce】

Married players can go tothe Priest in Glory City and spend 200,000 Gold to getdivorced. Players cannot propose to again or be proposed to on the day they get divorced.

【Legend Knight Wedding Ring System】

The Wedding Ring system will activate after the wedding. Craft your Wedding Ring to boost the Stats of your Character and all the Heroes.

【Legend Knight Ring Soul System】

The Ring Soul System will be unlocked after the wedding. Refine your Wedding Ring to boost its Stats.

【Legend Knight Predestined Couple Dungeon】

Predestined Couple Dungeons are only available to married couples. Clear the Predestined Couple Dungeon and you will have the chance to get rewards such as Marrying Stones and Minerals. The dungeon can also increase couple’s rapport in battlegrounds. Although you can challenge the Predestined Couple Dungeon alone, fighting together with your lover is so much more interesting and meaningful.

Note: VIP players can use Balens to increase the Dungeon rewards attempts. Challenge attempts will be reset at 24:00 every day.

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