Legend Knight Game Reviews:Best web-based RPG Game


Legend Knight is the first ” genetic ” trilogy , into the fantasy elements such as dragon , horse , elf, dwarf , etc. In addition there are a lot of names and medieval ancient Celtic language . Full of treacherous mountain legends among teenagers hunting Eragon (Eragon) finds a blue stone .Legend Knight Unexpectedly, Fengyun stones actually hatched a blue dragon ! Eragon for dragons named ” Saphira ” (Saphira), consider her closest friends . However , it is Eragon Saphira relatives attracted impending massacre . Eragon grief for revenge , started to learn magic, swordplay , the old saying , eventually embark on the difficult journey of revenge .Legend Knight of the bright spots for the screen , 3D scenes in the game screen is very good, and the game map is not great , but the scene is repeated , which is very commendable.


Game story account of a unique painting style picture representation . Game scene portrayed is really in place, especially in the town house of 3D modeling is very real .Legend Knight but this is also a little regret , in the perspective of the field can be easily converted inside the house , but it can not be converted so that in some places difficult to find. Another game character’s facial expressions portray carefully enough , looks a bit rough . Overall, this made the picture is quite good, but the details have yet to be improved .


Legend Knight Wiki this for the music is quite good, the music style tends to be quiet magic , nada. Huge screen with the game can well express a original charm. Just sorry for the lack of character is this voice , if able to appropriately increase the voice , then we must make the game into a sense of greatly increased.Legend Knight game is based on the story of A · RPG way to start , in addition to a wealth of martial arts and magic , but also joined the end of the movement , defensive skills and unique skills to counter many fresh way of fighting , of course , control the dragon and intense and exciting aerial combat are essential parts of the game . Operation of the game will not be easy even if the game has to provide a complete explanation .Legend Knight game also takes advantage of dual display and touch- screen operation, using the touch screen to cast spells and skills , players can also be obtained through the skills of the Dragon Rider mini-games . There are a variety of tasks in the game, waiting for players to complete the course after completing have a corresponding reward . In addition, as the corresponding double Cooperation mode, you can get special teams battle reward.Legend Knight game is not only a huge map ( if you do not look at the map it is easy to get lost ) and has a wealth of operational , but also with a good story can be said that in the near future the best ARPG masterpiece , as well as the game’s menu more humane, provides a lot of useful information to help players . Are you still looking for great games? May wish to try this for a trip to the Western concept of game production .

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