Ork Buster Starts CBT – Activity 1

Do you like Tower Defense games and are waiting for something new? Proficient City is going to launch the most innovative TOBA game: Ork Buster! Ork Buster is the perfect mix of RPG and Tower Defense game that includes amazing PVP features where you can develop different battle strategies fighting against other players. This is a great game for people who enjoy Tower Defense games and need a new challenge!

One-on-One Tower Defense PvP

Featuring Team Dungeons and real-time PVP, the browser game Ork Buster will start its closed beta test at 18:00 on December 14th (PST). At that time, Proficient City will join hands with game platforms like Facebook and Kongregate to test the game. Meanwhile, in order to test the balance and stability of the PVP features and collect more suggestions from people to improve players’ experience, from December 14 (PST) onwards the Ork Buster group will start the “Join Real-time PK Test to Win Rewards” event. Players who defeat the operation team players in the event will receive in-game rewards worth 50-100 USD and even 100 USD in cash.

ORK Buster_1

For more details, please follow

ORK Buster Official Website: http://www.orkbuster.com/Event/124727.html

The Ork Buster team values the opinions and suggestions of every single player. We’d love to be able to get tower defense fans to try out the CBT and hear their opinions on our game.