Profient City Meet Its Many Partners at GDC

To round off our trip to the Game Developers Conference we at  Proficient City had the opportunity to meet with some of our favorite partners. Each is special to us in their own way, and with them the gaming industry wouldn’t be the vibrant ecosystem it is today.

Google is like the responisible older brother. They’re always there for you, and you know you can count on them to give you a hand. We’ve been working with Google since we launched our first game and will continue to work with them until the search engine finally becomes sentient and enslaves us all.


Facebook is an old friend who like to let us know we’re appreciated. In both 2013 and 2014 they awarded us the ‘Staff Favorite’ and ‘Best Advertiser’ Awards, and act as a platform for all of our online games. As we delve more into cross-platform publishing our bond with Facebook should only grow stronger.


Twitter is a new friend, one we’re still getting to know, but get along with really well. We’re learning their habits, where they can be relied on and where they can’t but we’re having fun and profiting together.


Chartboost is the cool kid. If there’s a party, you know Chartboost will be there. They’ve introduced us to people we never knew we’d meet, helped show off some of the finer points of our games, and promoted Proficient City to all the right people.


Finally we have the geeks. Sometime we just want to chill out and play video games – Kongregate, Aeria Games, and Kabam can always be relied on supply the best shooters, the hardest puzzles, and of course the most enthralling RPGs – namely Wartune, Legend Knight, and SwordSaga. We’ve had our games on these platforms for a long time, and they’re always happy to add new ones. Which is good, because we’re happy to keep making them.


Every business is built on the relationships it makes, and we’re lucky here at Proficient City to work with some of the best in online and mobile gaming. Our partnerships our strong, but we’re always looking to make new friends.

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